Wednesday, December 28, 2011


16 X 20 oil on canvas

This big guy isn't part of my Party Animal Series,
but he could have been with that personality!

Grumpy was a beautiful 20 year old Tiger who past
away this last summer. He belonged to the wonderful
angels at In-Sync Exotics Animal Rescue in Wylie, TX.
They are a non-profit that is the last hope for these
exquisite rescued animals.

They acquired Grumpy in the summer of 2010. He was part
of the "Leona 6", 6 Big Cats that were rescued from deplorable
living conditions in Leona, TX. Although Grumpy only lived
another year, his last year was spent in comfort and happiness
for the first time in his life.

I am excited to say that I have received permission from the
owners of In-Sync to paint more of their beautiful cats. I will
try to figure out how to link a Donation button, but until then,
please hit the link above and visit their Website and Blog.


Sheila said...

Wow wow wow....a gorgeous painting, a beautiful tribute, an awesome artist.

Crystal Cook said...

He is beautiful Gwen! Well done. :)

Candace X. Moore said...

Incredible, Gwen. I can tell this was a labor of love. Have a great 2012.

Pam Holnback said...

This is great! And so large! Happy New Year!

Jill Berry said...

Beautiful work!! Love the close-up! He looks so cuddly & touchable!
Glad to know you're still getting to paint.
When you're off radar, I wonder.

Terri Buchholz said...

What a gorgeous painting and the cropping makes it very appealing! Great job! Thank God there are advocates to seek out and rescue maltreated animals. And it's heartening to know that Grumpy was able to know kindness and comfort for the rest of his life.

Carolyn Finnell said...

Beautiful tiger!! Perfect in every way.

David Larson Evans said...

An impressive painting Gwen

Carol DeMumbrum said...

Beautiful Gwen!! Don't you love painting animals! Was so excited to see this painting in my dashboard.

Barbara M. said...

What a wonderful painting, and sad story. Good for you. You are a super artist, and great human being.
Happy New Year.


hmuxo said...

Tigers are so beautiful!! and you painted him perfectly!! Gorgeous colors!!

suzannepaints said...

Wow! Party animal from 12/23 looks like she just
ran into Grumpy on a dark street. Beautiful paintings

carol morgan carmichael said...

So nice Gwen! Beautiful rendering and tribute!

suzanneberry said...

OUTSTANDING WORK gwennie!!! this is breathtaking! amazing work! i'm working on a full face 24x24" of my pug right now and felt stumped until i saw this! what inspiration! bravo!

paraskevi malouxou said...

very good!!! Happy new year to you and your family!

Nora MacPhail said...

He's gorgeous! As is your painting of him!
Happy Painting,

Brad Miedema said...

This is so cool Gwen! The painting is amazing! What a sad story but better in the end. Congratulations on the relationship with In-Sync and the opportunity to paint more cats. That is Awesome!