Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Pomegranates & Pear"

10 x 10 oil on canvas panel
$225.~ framed
available through The Farmers & Merchants Gallery

I really admire all of you out there who paint
stripes on a regular basis and make it look so easy!
I had such a hard time with the perspective. Blame
it on my Mr. Magoo Astigmatism.

I found these Pomegranates on my walk around the
neighborhood. Two looked too sparse so I added the
pear for color contrast and shape variation.

I've always gotten Pomegranates and Persimmons
confused. Probably started at a young age because
they are both long words that start with P.

In fact, I had to rename this painting and rewrite the
entire post because once again I confused the two! I see
native Persimmon trees everywhere so mistakenly thought
that's what these were since the foliage looked like one.
I didn't even know Pomegranates grew here in Texas!
These 2 in the painting are obviously not ripe because
the Poms I usually see in the store are bright red.

Thanks to the many Followers who pointed out my mistake!


hmuxo said...

Oh Gwen, this is absolutely beautiful. The colors in the striped tablecloth goes perfectly with this amazing bowl! I've never had a persimmons but will probably try one now. The bowl is so colorful. I love it!

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Excellent work, Gwen! The striped cloth and the bowl has been painted so beautifully. Like the shadows too :-)

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Gwen, You just churn out one beautiful painting after another. Your incredible detail and lovely color combinations produce wonderfully serene and interesting pieces.

carol morgan carmichael said...

How in the heck did you find cloth, fruit and bowls so in sync color wise. This is a really a cool painting. Good job on the stripes too.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Gwen, lovely composition and detail on that bowl, wow! Nice of you to give us the explanation of what a persimmon is. :)

Dors said...

Superb job Gwen. Love the fruit/bowl and the table cloth. Great choice of colors. looks great.

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

This time you amazed me big time. The beautiful of this piece and a bigger size canvas, the colores combo.
I thought that this is Pomegranate
especially the one facing us.On the left.
The stripes are better than any others. You rock Gwen!
I am sure that in real life it is a WOW piece of art.

Layne Cook said...

Love the persimmons. You got the texture just right. And the Asian bowl was a great choice. Coincidentally, I just got an e-mail this morning asking if I could paint some Japanese vegetables. I hadn't thought of including a bowl of Japanese design, but thanks for the idea!

bricarwaller said...

This is just terrific! I love the colors and patterns and the bowl is terrific. It's bursting with energy. Great job!

Jill Berry said...

Your serendipitousness, along with for-thought have combined to create another great painting!
Love your color-instincts!- the subtle red/green combo. NICE!

Virginia Floyd said...

Absolutely beautiful! The colors in the bowl and cloth harmonize perfectly with the fruit. Another of your wonderful paintings.

I agree with Irit that I believe this is a pomegranate I had a tree in Austin, and the little star on the bottom of the fruit makes me think it's a pomegranate. The way to tell for sure would be to cut it open and see if it's filled with hundreds of fleshy seeds. Persimmons are fleshy like an orange plum.

However, I don't mean to be the internet police! It is a beautiful painting!

Dusty Pines said...

lovely - all the designs work so well together - and the fruit - old masterish (if that's even close to being a word!) - great tones & shadows - but - did you try the persimmons?!

Linda Popple said...

It has all been said, Gwen! I just want to agree and say I am impressed with this painting and all you do! Excellent!

Art with Liz said...

My gosh Gwen, you nailed that perspective! Glorious colours and that bowl is beautiful! Thank you for the explanation on persimmons - we just don't get them down here.

Ann Rogers said...

Sooooo awesome, Gwen!

Karen Martin Sampson said...

Another beauty! I admire your prolificness (is that a word?). I am painting but it will be weeks before this one is done - and your stripes appear to be in perfect perspective!

Lisa Daria said...

You managed the stripes very well! I like the character created by the positioning of the pear too - and love the edges of that shadow on the wall behind -

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I'm loving what you're doing with fabric and pottery/ceramic. Well done!

Fay Akers said...

I was at the thrift shop today and I found myself looking at the type of objects you would put in a still life. I think your influencing me. "in a good way"

DEB said...

Another beauty! One of the artists in our gallery paints a lot of food still lifes, and I've had to correct myself several times...I keep calling her Gwen!

Dana Cooper said...

Gwen, I love how you handled the stripes here and your addition of the pear!
Love your dogs below too!!

Karen Bruson said...

Another beauty. Love the slight angles on the pomegranate on the right.

Kim said...

Love this! Such interesting shapes - my eye just wants to keep moving around, taking in all that deliciousness. Really lovely leaves and whatever you call the top leaf thing on the pomegranate ; ) And I think I have that same tablecloth!

Dean Grey said...


This is wonderful!

Each area steals the show.

The fruit can hold their own as does the striped cloth but the Asian-inspired bowl is beautifully bold in shape and color.

My eye was drawn to that first.

Nice job taking three very different looking elements and combining them into one!

The shadows on the fruit are well done too!


suzanneberry said...

Ok.Now I want this one too!! I love the perspective lines leading back to the bowl, the palette. I need some of what your smokin. One beauty after another. Bravo!