Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Morning Tea"

6 x 6, oil on canvas panel  SOLD

I know this looks like morning coffee, but it is
strong tea. I recently stopped drinking coffee and
the headaches were horrible. This strong Chai
Tea really hits the spot! Gradually moving toward
Green Tea as the withdrawal gets better.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Lemon Slices"

6 x 6 oil on canvas panel  SOLD

This is another fabric gift from good friend Irit Bourla.
Thanks, Irit!
The design is actually embroidered onto
the fabric. It's really quite
elegant in person.

I started out on a white fabric with yellow roses
but the
composition seemed to fade out. That's
when I decided
to try it on the Paprika color. I
really liked the way the
red reflected into the

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Paisley Plums"

10 x 10 oil on canvas panel SOLD

I received this cool fabric from dear friend and
fellow Artist Irit Bourla. She also sent me 3 other
very pretty fabrics that I can't wait to paint!

I really enjoyed painting this. The fabric was light
enough that it allowed the red glass to glow in the

shadow. Challenging, but oh so fun!

Monday, September 13, 2010


6 x 6 oil on canvas SOLD

Finally feeling better and back to painting. Ahhhh.
When you paint nearly everyday, skipping almost
a week can seem like an eternity.

If there's one thing harder to paint than black dogs,
it's white cats! Jacy was a delight, however. He has the
most beautiful, clear, sky blue eyes. He lives with Oddball
and Lucky (the next portrait to come in this series.)

Here is a little background on Jacy provided by his owner:

"Jacy was the head honcho and was here before Lucky and
Oddball. He is bigger in stature and longer legged than either
of them and although he doesn't fight with them he is top cat/dog.
He is the most affectionate cat we've ever had and everyone
comments on his quiet sociability. He was an indoor cat until he
learned to use the doggie door. His favorite thing is being the
driveway sentry at night. He sits on the driveway like a statue
and watches for an hour or two and then he comes in for the night.
His biggest fan is Lucky who is so happy when Jacy sleeps near him.
We got him from a rescue group and we think he's a Turkish Van or
part thereof."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Passing By"

6 x 6, oil on masonite SOLD

I kept trying to get my newest painting finished but I've
been under the weather so decided to post this one from
a while back.

It has always been one of
my favorites. In fact, I had it
listed as N/A for the longest, intending to keep it for myself.

I like the casual way the bodies of these two complete
strangers passing
on the street seem to merge together as one
for that brief moment...a nod to how
connected we all really
are regardless of whether we
acknowledge it or not.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Pomegranates & Pear"

10 x 10 oil on canvas panel
$225.~ framed
available through The Farmers & Merchants Gallery

I really admire all of you out there who paint
stripes on a regular basis and make it look so easy!
I had such a hard time with the perspective. Blame
it on my Mr. Magoo Astigmatism.

I found these Pomegranates on my walk around the
neighborhood. Two looked too sparse so I added the
pear for color contrast and shape variation.

I've always gotten Pomegranates and Persimmons
confused. Probably started at a young age because
they are both long words that start with P.

In fact, I had to rename this painting and rewrite the
entire post because once again I confused the two! I see
native Persimmon trees everywhere so mistakenly thought
that's what these were since the foliage looked like one.
I didn't even know Pomegranates grew here in Texas!
These 2 in the painting are obviously not ripe because
the Poms I usually see in the store are bright red.

Thanks to the many Followers who pointed out my mistake!

Friday, September 3, 2010


6 x 6 oil on canvas SOLD

Meet Oddball! He is a Mini-Dachshund who was named
for his mismatched eyes. What a precious little face!

When doing a Pet Portrait, I spend so many hours looking
at their photos that I tend to imagine what sort of
personalities they might have. It is fun to see how close
I come to the actual thing so I always ask the Owners to
tell me a little bit about them.

My impression of Oddball was that this demure, sweet
little dog probably had a bit of an attitude. "Yes, I'm cute...
but don't push me!" His Mom says that while he can be the
vocal one in the group that he is in reality a very Good Boy
who loves playing with his brother, Lucky (coming up in the
next Portrait), and sleeps every night guarding his 12 year
Best Friend (the owner's daughter).