Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Yellow Teapot II"

6 x 6, oil on canvas panel SOLD

Went fabric shopping today. It took me forever to
find something! I anticipated
one stop shopping,
but instead, I nearly had
a heat stroke searching
through 5, very hot,
un-air conditioned Fabric
arehouses...on a 104 degree hell on earth Texas day.

The plan was to buy
several different Tea Towel fabrics
but apparently
no companies here in the States make
them anymore.
They are all made in India and China.
This one and one
more (that I didn't like) were IT.
Out of 5 warehouses.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it!


Carol Horzempa said...

Gwen, I've been scrolling through your blog and so impressed with your series of cups and tea pots on Tea Towels?

I especially like this yellow tea pot in your paintings!

Susan E. Roden said...

Gwen another cute pot and wonderful floral cloth! You have inspired many of us in DPO.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Gwen,

I think I should put you in touch with a friend of mine, Jan Marriott who sells vintage fabrics and may have what you want. Super painting. That teapot, a very difficult shape!

So good.


Diana Marshall said...

Sounds awful trekking through the warehouses in the heat. This piece of fabric looks pretty though, sets off the teapot beautifully.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Well, now that's dedication, Gwen! You couldn't get me ANYWHERE in non-air conditioning in 104 degree heat. You Texas ladies are tough, I'll tell you! Love this fabric, though. I was inspired by you to buy 2 colorful napkins this weekend...

carol morgan carmichael said...

Love the color and composition in this. It was worth your exhausstive trip.

Kim said...

Well, it IS very pretty if it's any consolation! The colours have a fresh country feel that look great against the teapot. Your weather (combined with empty-handed shopping) sounds miserable. We had a few weeks of very hot, humid weather but a cool front has moved in and just now I had to shut the window because I felt too cold!

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Hey Gwen - love the new fabric! And the perspective, the teapot and the shadows! Nice job.

Becky Joy said...

yep! It looks as good here as on FB. Like this one really a lot.

Kim Blair said...

Love your composition, nice graphic design. Plus the teapot shadow picks up the dark greens in the leaf design.

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

This is another great piece, compostion,colors and the shadow.
Just found out that #1 was sold yeeppee!
Mail out your mailing adrs and I will look for some fabrics for you. This is Cali Honey with 76 D today!

Karen Martin Sampson said...

Another winner, Gwen! I can almost taste the soothing herbal tea that could be made in that pot. Have you looked on ebay for fabric? My cousin finds incredible things that way. Although I don't envy your trek through 5 blistering hot warehouses I do miss having
some good fabric warehouses as I now live out in the sticks and the nearest city with any kind of good fabric places is a day away and a very expensive ferry ride.

LindaHunt said...

Nice, very nice simpflication in the brushwork...very effective. The composition is great and the signature handle makes me smile! Love the color of the fabric and the pattern. I have a difficult time finding fabric that has a grapic pattern similar to the
1940's and 1950's.

Layne Cook said...

I have almost exactly the same teapot. I painted it with a red under painting, resulting in a peachy color-I like your color better. Very effective on the flowered cloth. As usual, excellent execution.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Gwen, If you search for "fabric" or "vintage fabric" or even "vintage kimono fabric" on e-bay or Etsy, you can find many sellers that will send you small pieces, like 1/4 yard. Should be perfect for you and you can shop from the comfort of your computer monitor.

The painting rocks!

Kelley Sanford said...

Ooh, la, la. Love it. Beautiful colors.

isabel said...

hola , he llegado hasta aqui, a traves de el blog de " Dana Cooper Fine Art", tu blog es muy bonito , y tus trabajos son geniales...te sigo y volvere a visitarte...
un abrazo.

Dors said...

Beautiful work Gwen.

Sorry it's short.. moving is Phewwwwwwwwww exhausting.

Great Job.

Dean Grey said...

I love the vintage look of that teapot, Gwen!

(both in color and appearance)


silviawilliamspaintswatercolors said...

Hi Gwen, I love your teapot. Wonderful colors and interesting story. Silvia

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Your work is beautiful, I love the endless combinations you are able to compose! Gosh, now I see it's not so easy, all those fabric stores. And usually when I decide to go to the fabric store there is always a very long line. I can relate about the heat in Texas though, I live in Houston.
so glad I found your blog,