Monday, April 26, 2010

"Lake Morning"

©2010 Gwen Bell
16 X 24 oil on canvas

I rarely do landscapes but liked the mirror image
of this scene. Early mornings on the lake are so
incredibly peaceful. No sound except for the birds
and the occasional fish jumping in the water.

My family is fortunate to own a house on 2 acres right
on the lake (Lake Tawakoni in East Texas). It is an old
farm house that my Grandfather built in the 1920's. My
Aunt and Uncle moved the house from Dallas in the 1960's.
The house was cut in half and hauled on 2 huge trailers
in the middle of the night. It was a haven for us as kids
then, and in turn, for my boys.

My sons inherited the house when my Aunt and Uncle
passed. We now spend many fun times taking care of the
place, hiking, looking at the stars and enjoying morning
coffee to a scene very much like the above painting.


Caroline Bray Art said...

This is stunning! It's really serene and atmospheric, I just imagine sitting there with a morning coffee myself!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

This is great to see the SOLD sign.
You need to do more it is so beautiful.
What about being a guest? I am a great cook. Also doing windows.What else do you need to know?

Dana Cooper said...

This is beautiful Gwen, I can almost smell the freshness of the air!

Crystal Cook said...

What a beautiful painting Gwen! I love the peaceful feeling it has. That house sounds like a dream come true! I bet you've had many happy memories there :)

Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Gwen,
It sure does look peaceful there and like a wonderful place to paint. It's really nice to have the short story to go with the painting; makes it more alive to the viewer.

Sandra Galda said...

beautiful shimmer on that water!

Michelle said...

I thought this was an unusual subject (and size) for you...but you did an absolutely marvelous job on it!

Linda said...

Beautiful painting! The water reflects the peacefulness of the area. Looks like a great place to be!

susanroden said...

Very nice and soothing Gwen. There sure is a lucky owner out there.
I lived in Houston for 13 years and never heard of Lake Tawakoni, but definitely is a place I would have liked to visit.

Kim said...

Nice Gwen! Lovely sky and reflections in the water. Do you think you may do more landscapes? What a treasure to have a place like that to get away! Morning coffee by that lake sounds heavenly.

Gary Keimig said...

great painting,

Gwen. I was thinking as soon as I saw it that you don't do landscapes. Gosh. You should. And sold to boot. Wonderful

LindaHunt said...

Oh what a beautiful painting. I live near the water and love days like this when the water appears to be glass!

rahina q.h. said...

it is wonderful you have captured something so special to you and your family so sensitively on canvas.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Although I think your still lifes are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, I think you should do more landscapes - this is wonderful. The colors are so serene and tranquil - this is a painting I would hang in my house and look at admiringly every day!

martinealison said...

En vous lisant je comprends mieux pourquoi vous affectionnez ce lieu magnifique... Votre peinture reflète merveilleusement bien votre ressenti. Très joli travail, que vos enfants conservent le plus longtemps possible intact cet endroit magique.

Edward Burton said...

Very beautiful and peaceful, Gwen. Lucky you to have such a nice place to get away to. Congrats on the sale!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Wow Gwen...this picture just jumped out from my blog list. It is so beautiful and atmospheric. Food for the soul! What a wonderful place to enjoy with the family. A great story too. I love stories about saving old buildings and houses.

Dean Grey said...

It almost looks like a picture, Gwen!

The reflections in the water are what make this painting great.


Pattie Wall said...

Lovely painting and what a lovely place - nice that you still get to go there and enjoy it!