Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Apple Slice"

8X6 framed oil on canvas SOLD

Found this great little bowl at the Thrift Store. I love

the delicate red floral pattern. Since I "lost" (accidentally
threw away with the rest of my "lost" supplies) my favorite
blue Still Life bowl, I'm hoping this one will take it's place.

I tried out some of the new skills I learned at Carol Marine's
Workshop. First, it is painted on a Raymar Canvas panel, a
improvement from the usual Masonite I've been using for
over a year now. It has the hard surface I like and the bit of
tooth that
the canvas offers. Secondly, I tried the toned canvas
rather than
my usual black ground. This is going to take some
getting use to
since I have to retrain my eye to the way the
color looks when it's
laid down. The goal is to find the value
and color before laying down the stroke. I'm finding this much
harder than expected. Third, I tried to paint with straight lines.
This was the
hardest of the three.


Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

This is beautiful Gwen.You did a great job. Carol is proud of you.
What was the panel's color?

Cathyann said...

This is a very warm painting..I like the contrast in red and green that is muted here, very much. I also like your edges. Those panels are great aren't they?

Dors said...

Lovely job Gwen ...Looks good enough to eat.

dacoop said...

I love this painting you did with your new bowl. You really have a sense of the interior form. I think it will make an excellent subject with lots of other things. I like the inside of the apple too, just the right color and value!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Ok, this painting MUST be enlarged to see all the wonderful subtle colors and nuances going on. With this bowl, it has a very oriental feel to it. Great to see the tone of the canvas showing through. Really great painting.

Nancy Merkle said...

Your painting is beautiful! I've been tempted to try some of those Raymar Panels--heard they are a great surface.

Dayna Talbot said...

You were successful at whatever you were trying to achieve! A beautiful painting!

Tammy Hext said...

I enlarged the painting to have a look. It has incredible subtle shifts of colour happening. I think toning the panel first worked wonderfully here. I like to tone my canvas or board as well. This is a beautiful painting, nice quiet mood and you handled the delicate pattern on the dish beautifully.

Edward Burton said...

Very beautiful, Gwen. I love it! Wonderful color choices and brushwork.

DSM said...

THOSE shadow values are tricky!

Sheila said...

You have a way I would love to learn to be able to paint china so it looks fine and delicate. I'm still at the chunky and clunky level.

Linda said...

Beautiful painting! The little bowl is lovely and it shows in your painting. With the colors and values you chose the apple looks good enough to eat. Love the background with the pink showing through.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

You're doing great, Gwen! Keep it up. The reds are just wonderful and the bowl is interesting. Will it drive you crazy to paint the detail each time???

Violetta Smith said...

I can imagine how hard it would be to paint with straight lines when everything is round, but you did an amazing job! It's great...I can see those straight strokes. The colors, the dish, it all looks very light and delicate... beautiful job.

Anonymous said...

you have done a wonderful job with this one Gwen, and i like the feel of the apple almost 'bleeding' into the bowl. the points you made about your learning on Carol's workshop are very interesting and I appreciate you sharing these as you experiment. r.

Dean H. said...

Wonderful color choices, Gwen! I like how the warm toning influences the color.

Carol DeMumbrum said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing some of the new skills you learned in Carol's workshop!

Carolyn Finnell said...

I just awarded you the Sunshine Bloggers Award!
Please come to my site to receive it.

Gary Keimig said...

You really did do a nice job on this Gwen.
Love those reds.

Barbara M. said...

This is magnificent Gwen.

Perfectly done.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

You have such a wonderful color sense, Gwen. This is beautiful!

Dean Grey said...


The first thing I was going to say was that the sharp, crisp edges of the apple reminded me of a Carol Marine painting! (And that's a compliment!)

The bowl is phenomenal and that apple is the most beautiful red!

The biggest thing I'm noticing though is that the background color seems noticeably dull this time around.

Normally you use much bolder colors. I kind of miss it if I'm being honest!

But it's still a very strong still life!!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love the little bowl. You did well with this. Beautiful red/green color harmony, too!
Did you find the bag? (I hope)

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Gosh, yes ditto what everyone else said. I love the chunky apples against the delicately painted bowl. Really well done.