Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Red Bartlets"

6 X 6 oil on masonite

Another older painting for today and an update on
my wayward supplies. It has been a week since I lost
them so I faced the fact that I'm going to have to just
let it go. (let it go...)

I received so many warm, encouraging, commiserative
comments from all of wonderful Blog Family. I
appreciate every single one of you so much!

Here's some good news; I sold a little painting. It was the
"Tribute to Sorolla" from Michelle Burnetts Following The
Masters blog
that I did several months ago. It gave me just
the right amount needed to replace brushes, some that had
been used (let it go...) , mediums and turp. Art supplies
so dang expensive. Thankfully, all of my paints were in
bag so I didn't have the astronomical cost of that.
Feels good to get everything all brand spanking new, sort of
like getting supplies for the first day of school. to play with my new toys!


Kaylyn said...

Those are some luscious pears!!

Your tote will show up. Someplace really stupid, most likely. Did you check in the fridge??!!

Candace X. Moore said...

Gwen, Nice timing on your sale. Hard to imagine being without your supplies. Like when the electricity goes out but you keep reaching for the light switch. There must be a good reason up ahead. Beautiful pears, by the way. C

Dean Grey said...


Awww, maybe it's for the best.

There's nothing like fresh, new supplies, right?

Maybe you'll pick up something you normally wouldn't use this time around?

In any case, I'm sure the missing art supplies are safe and sound in their Home Depot bag. Maybe they'll still turn up and you'll have twice the amount of art supplies!!

Love the pear painting too! I love painting pears!!


Angela Elledge said...

Love this color contrast, a couple of my favorite combos and you've used them very nicely. Congrats on the sale and so, so sorry about missing the supplies. We moved 6 years ago and I lost a sewing machine, I wish I could understand how a large cumbersome box like thing could simply disappear. Enjoy the new supplies; you deserve them! Take care.

The Bull said...

Very stunning, I love the strong impressionistic style you have and yet borders just enough on the side of realism. Wonderful depth of perspective and light. The colors are fantastic as well!

L.Holm said...

These are beauts!
Congrats on the sale and on the new supplies at last. It is such a rush to open new supplies isn't it.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Congratulations on the sale and the new supplies...I look forward to what is to come!

Mitzi Easley said...

wow Gwen, well - first, these pears are just delicious. You sure nailed those highlights! Congrats on your new stuff... hope you have a great time breaking in those new brushes and can't wait to see what you paint next. Take care my dear.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Lovely colors, Gwen! Cheers for the new supplies :)

Art with Liz said...

These pears are fantastic Gwen - and I know you've let it go!! but so sorry to hear about your loss! Glad about the sale though - all those lovely new goodies.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Gwen, These are just the most stunning pears, love the contrast with the background and the great reflections.

So sorry about your supplies, are you sure you brought it into the house? Have you checked with Carol Marine or the hotel?? (Ooops, sorry! I haven't let it go.)

Cathyann said...

This is a lovely painting! Still MIA on the supplies huh?
Just think, when they DO show up it will be like christmas...:-)
Congrats on the sale!

Kim said...

Gwen - did you get another copy of Carol's handout notes? Because I was at her workshop in October and I can photocopy them and send you a copy. I would miss mine terribly! Really nice pears by the way : )

Marie Theron said...

Lovely pears!You will soon catch up with everything again, Gwen!

Pattie Wall said...

Ooo, that dark, dark red in this one is nice! These are fantastic!

Barbara M. said...

Magnifico! It will be so weird when those supplies turn up won't it? That kind of thing has happened to me so many times.

Wonderful news about the sale.

Good for you.


Arti said...

Delicious colors, Gwen... hope, all is well now:)

Faith Te said...

Yum, lovely painting, Ms. Gwen! Those pears look great! So sorry to hear about your art supplies, but congrats on the sale!