Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Golden Pears"

6 x 6 oil on canvas SOLD

Found the photo reference for this on
What an awesome
site! I really liked this composition
with the strong reflection
and geometric background.
All I had to do was keep
it loose. The darkest area
that reads black is actually a deep eggplant purple

that I chose to compliment the light yellow/green.


Jill Berry said...

...and compliment, it does!
Great illusion of form, here.
Quite a pair!
Nice work, Gwen.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Wonderful, wonder Gwen! I'm gonna go check that site out now...

David Larson Evans said...

Very well done my dear..I am going to wet canvas now, thanks for the tip.

Sally McLean said...

Beautiful free paint; stunning reflections and colours. I also will be checking out wet canvas.

Teresa said...

WOW! Awesome brushwork & reflections Gwen! This is SO beautiful!!!

Wetcanvas has been a part of my life since I began painting- it is an incredible place!

Marie Theron said...

I love these pears and their reflections, Gwen, plus the purple reflection. You have me curious about WetCanvas now!

rahina q.h. said...

the reflections have been beautifully handled as has the overall brushwork.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I love these pears! The eggplant color reads on my monitor as does a little purple to the right of the pears...fabulous!!
Wet Canvas is a favorite of mine too.

Chuck Dilmore said...

Gwen, this is beautiful!

i love how
these are not prettily, perfectly placed...
there's an intriguing background AND
delicious reflection - wow! that is total yumm!

verrry interesting piece - love it!


Pam Holnback said...

Beautiful reflections!

Mitzi Easley said...

Great job on those reflections Gwen. And the contemporary shapes in the background are such a wonderful juxtaposition! Well done!!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Love the dramatic composition and the strong darks, set against the luscious pears. Beautiful brushwork in the greens, too, Gwen!

susan hong-sammons said...

Fabulous reflections. You really nailed it

Edward Burton said...

Very beautiful, Gwen. GREAT job with the reflections.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Gwen,

This is beautiful. It makes me so happy to see your colour. I can't answer email right now because I'm in Italy, but please know that I love your work.


Dean Grey said...


I love the reflections too!

Very painterly looking, almost impressionistic.