Thursday, July 9, 2009

SOS! Advice from Art Teachers

My nephew-in-law, who I don't know very well,
is coming to Dallas
from S Carolina for a Summer Visit with
my sister/brother-in-law. She has
asked me to give him an
art lesson since he has some natural ability and interest.

I am more than happy to do it....but what do I do?
I'm a lousy teacher.
Not being modest here. I really am
completely lost. I know there are a lot of extremely talented
Art Teachers on this blog, so what
would you suggest for a
project? He wants to learn to paint. Any thoughts or

suggestions you give me will be greatly appreciated!

OH! And Shelia just asked me an important question: "How
old is he?" Left that part out...he's 11. ;)

THANKS Everyone!!!!


Sheila said...

How fun! How old is he?

Gwen Bell said...

OH! Forgot that part. THANKS Shelia! He's 11.

Cathyann said...

Take out what you are comfortable with...acrylic, oil etc. show him how you get ready, the set up , have some fun pictures that you did lying around for him to look at... He probably will ask you questions...just be at ease and feel like this is fun to do because it is ! Plan some fun little drawings to do as preps for a painting. Start with the contour of things...or seeing simple shapes in a complex things... Use real things..easy ones like apples and pears...or boy things like sling shots.toy trucks, jacks and a ball...KISS(keep it simple) is the key word, so he doesn't get overwhelmed. Also, ask him if he draws and what he likes about it and what he chooses to draw ...Just think of it as sharing rather than instructing... you will do fine!!!Let me know how it went...

Angela Elledge said...

So much comes to mind, but if he wants to learn how to paint, I would start out with mixing colors (primary + black & white). He'll be amazed when he understands how many colors he can make with just a few colors. Then, from there I would set up a simple still piece of fruit against a complementary color fabric and let him paint on a canvas panel. I would also encourage you to paint with him on the same project, in a step by step fashion.

If you don't want to go the paint route, try watercolor pencils, but a decent brand (stay away from Crayola, Rose Art). Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes has a simplified approach to teaching children how to draw, 1/2 price books seems to always have a few copies around. Have fun!

Jill Berry said...

Hey Gwen,
Let him watch you while you do a painting. Verbalize your thought process - why ya do what ya do. Then supply him with materials and a still life or take him outside and let him at it. The "interest" is half the battle. He will learn so much just because you mentored him.

Pam Holnback said...

Gwen, Try "color studies". I've been taking a 1 week workshop (check it on my blog). You both could do these...they are really fun!

Anonymous said...

i'm not an art teacher but my neice who is also 11 really enjoyed playing pass the drawing to each other after 10 minutes: we started a drawing of a still life and after 10 minutes i got hers and she got mine and we had to continue each other's drawing for another 10 minutes or until i lost interest:) Another fun thing for composition is cut out shapes and looking at for example a painting and my neice had to place the shapes as they are placed in the painting. while she did this, we talked about the distance relationships. and then we went back to painting. I think she benefitted more from the chat while we did these things and most of the time i just asked her some questions which got her seeing so there were a lot of 'ah ha!' moments. I wish someone would do that with me:)

Gwen Bell said...

You guys are awesome. I know I could count on you! With all these great ideas I feel comfortable that he's going to have a fun lesson and I'm not going to go insane.
Thanks again!!!

Mel said...

I'm not an art teacher, but I've taken several classes. Some teachers choose to start off with a simple still life in Black & White, just to help get the feel of the paint before moving on to more complicated things, like mixing color. Personally, I loved that. I think simple is definitely a good way to go. I have an 11 year old brother who paints with me on occasion and I find that it helps when I remember to teach him to "see." Negative space and underlying shapes are so important.

suzanneberry said...

just do what you do, except he'll be watching! you're so amazing, just let him see your process. good luck!