Monday, June 1, 2009


10 x 10 oil on masonite SOLD

It feels so great to be painting again after nearly
a month!
This is my new favorite breakfast combo.
I get on
"food kicks" so this will probably be on the
menu every
morning for quite awhile, especially with
the watermelon
(which I could eat my weight in)
in season and so delicious.

One of the unexpected benefits of my surgery is that I can
taste and smell again which has led to my
wanting to eat
healthy food again. Everything tastes
so great! I had truly
what food tastes like. For the past 5-6 years I've
craved sugar like crazy
just because it was the only thing I
could really taste.
It was like living with a 6 year old. I forced
myself to
eat good things only because I knew I should. During
that time I would eat an entire chocolate cake
for my 3 meals
a day! It's an odd feeling to put oneself
on a diet for health
reasons rather than weight loss,
although now that I am "of a
certain age" I need to
watch it anyway.

The second, really miraculous, unexpected thing is that

I can sing again! I haven't been able to participate in that
activity for 6 years as well. I honestly thought my vocal chords
were damaged and that part of my life was over.
I guess
a side benefit of not having my voice for 6 years is
that I
learned to play Mandolin since singing isn't required
participate with that instrument. Still, it just wasn't the
I began playing guitar/singing when I was 14 so
it felt like
one instrument. No fun without the voice. Plus,
playing and
singing with other musicians is the closest thing
to Heaven
that I can think of. It's like I'm 14 all over again...
songs, learning NEW songs, playing until my fingers
I'm adding songs that I would have considered "guy only"

songs before like Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl". Hey...
could be my daughter (if I had one). There are other
games" to play "behind the Stadium" than sex!
I'm lovin' my life....painting full time, playing/singing again,
eating health, feeling great. It just doesn't get any better than this!


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

This is a wonderful painting and a wonderful reminder of how good it can be.
I so thrilled that you are able to sing again...might your blogger buddies someday see a video?

Barbara M. said...

Hi Gwen,

What a great painting and a great blog. I love that song Brown eyed girl. Lucky you being able to sing and play an instrument. I feel like singing just reading this great entry.

Stay happy,

Take care,


ariel freeman said...

Glad to hear you are back to painting! Your breakfast looks delicious. I am suddenly in the mood for watermelon and eggs.

Gwen Bell said...

Thanks, Dana! Uhhhh.....I don't know. I used to be involved in a group of women singer's in the round and we would play at Coffee Houses, etc to give to Womens Charities, but I hardly ever get out out night now and have lost touch with most of them. I will....when I get back in practice...start going to a couple of Jams. Sometimes they do videos. I'm too shy to do my own youtube kind of thing! I do it strictly for the music, don't really like to be the star.

Angela Elledge said...

4 years ago, after enduring daily pain for 17 months, I finally had foot surgery, immediately after the surgery I was a different person from that day forward. Congratulations on being "whole" again. I can't wait to see more of your beautiful paintings, this one is especially lovely. I bet you're singing while you paint. :-)

Sandra Galda a Daily Painter said...

I love this painting! Such a great work after such a hard space of time. I am glad you are feeling better and back painting!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Gwen, what a wonderful post! I'm so happy for you in your rediscovered senses! You're a mighty talented lady to be able to sing and play and paint! And the painting--you even made crackers and boiled eggs look good! Watermelon is food of the gods, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing your joy!

becky joy said...

Gwen, glad to see you're back to painting and feeling good. This is really nice. Those eggs look real. Thanks for the post on the palo verde tree. I just finished it today, now back to the little ones.

Mona said...

Great painting right down to the pepper sprinkles, and an appealing breakfast too. So glad to hear that your surgery has brought back these significants joys for you.

r garriott said...

I love your new painting... and glad that I'm not the only one who eats odd things for breakfast (cold grilled salmon and soybeans, anyone?)

So happy to hear of your recovery-discoveries!

Megha Chhatbar said...

Hey Gwen, This painting is really very nice...:) I have something for you on my blog..Please check it!

SYLVIANE said...

Very pleasant painting !
Glad your surgery was a great success, and opens the way to new nice things!

NoNo said...

I like very much this original still-life.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Hi Gwen!
You are really enjoying and good for you!And what a beautiful painting!The watermelon is really tempting,because the season is over here!

Jill Berry said...

Great painting, it is making me hungry for breakfast though.
So glad to hear about all your renewed senses!
You're a singer and musician! Wow...
Now you have 100 followers!!! Celebrate that too today, even though you don't really like to be the star.
Carry on ~~~

Tracey Clarke said...

I am so happy for you, Gwen. :).....What a blessing to loose so much and have it given back two-fold.
Ok, I want eggs, now...

Michelle said...

Beautiful painting Gwen. Yum! Glad to hear you surgery made such a wonderful improvement! I'll be anxiously awaiting the release of your youtube music video! ;)

Gwen Bell said...

Thank all of you so much for celebrating my Wellness with me and for your kind comments about the painting.

Chuck Dilmore said...

it's daunting to imagine
Gwen At The NEXT Level...
but wow! you are flyin'!

...and tastin'
and strummin'
and paintin'

beautiful - so happy for you!


Dean H. said...

The paintings a beauty! Glad to hear the surgery worked out so well and that your life is good! It's absolutely great that your are back to singing...that does wonders for the soul.
I'm an ol' guitar pickin' singer from days of yore. I feel art and music feed off of each other and inspire one another.

Vern Schwarz said...

Really beautiful painting Gwen. I just got back and am so happy for you and your newly regained senses. What a relief this must be for you.

L.Holm said...

Wow, Gwen!! Sounds like you have a new lease on life. Am so happy for you. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Absolutely stellar painting. You are back in action, full blast! hugs, Liz

Pam Holnback said...

Glad you're recovered and have some of your senses back! This is a fun painting, and a helthy breakfast. Your past question, usually oils aren't matted. I've found some small, deep, wooden frames that you can easily pop the masonite or panel into. I switch back and forth from masonite to canvas panels for the small daily paintings. I gesso the masonite w/ 2 layers. Haven't had any problems.

Gwen Bell said...

Thanks everyone for all the great comments! It's so nice to be back "home" with all of you.

Pam, thanks for the answers on oil/masonite framing. Encouraging to know you haven't had any problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, Good to hear you are all better again and back into your painting and seems 'really tasting' and your musical talents! Painting something you love is a plus and it has worked beautifully: I love the way you have brought out the solidity of that plate and the soft patterns on it. Watermelon sold here is awful, pale, tasteless and rather dry and you have jsut reminded me of how good it can be.

Anonymous said...

A yummy looking breakfast!

Barbara Pask said...

First time here. Your work is really wonderful. I'll be back. :)

FCP said...

I really like the food series. It is a wonderful study in color, shapes and value. And how wonderful that you are rediscovering what was lost, and are able to reinvent your life. Best of luck for continued good health and lots more fabulous paintings.

Melinda said...

It's great to read your blog and feel the joy come through your words. You're finding your voice and your work is wonderful.

Best wishes with your painting and music!

Gwen Bell said...

rahina - Thank you for the sweet comment and my condolences on your watermelon situation!

onpainting - Thank you...and it IS. I don't think I'll ever tire of it!

Barbara P - Welcome, Barbara! So glad you stopped by...look forward to getting to know you.

FCP - Thank you Faye. I just got back from your blog and commented on your new one.

Melinda - Thank you so much. It's so great to feel like I have my life back!

Jala Pfaff said...

How wonderful!!! The news AND the painting. Funny, I also get on food and music kicks, where I'll just eat the same thing over and over for a month or two, then suddenly the craving's gone and it's onto a new combo. Same with music.

James Parker said...

Howdy stranger (actually neighbor now), I am so sorry I've been so long in visiting...moving from CR and setting up here in Texas has been a booger. Great that your sinus surgery went OK and fascinating that you're able to sing as a result of it...neat. You've been busy and your artwork is looking delicious. I talked to Nancy Medina and Angela...we need to get a Texas Painter get-together for a Lone Star Paint-Out.

Karen Bruson said...

So glad you are back to painting, and even better, back to tasting food again. I will have to try this breakfast combo. Very fun painting!

Janet Karam said...

Love this happy breakfast painting Gwen- delighted to see your new woeks!

Dean Grey said...


Glad life is being good to you!

Great painting here.

The eggs look good enough to eat! And the little bits of black pepper on top are a nice touch.



James Parker said...

Singing now...and mandolin and guitar...and wonderful artwork like this.'re a marvel.