Saturday, April 25, 2009


Ok...I'm an idiot. I thought I was on someone else's page
and hit "follow". Now I'm following myself. Anyone know
how I can get rid of myself?????

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Happy Eyes"

6 X 6 oil on masonite SOLD

This is my submission for James Parker's Windows
To The Words ART
site. I want to develop a more
painterly style so I forced myself to stay fast and loose
on this one. The last portrait I did for WTTW lost a lot
of it's impact because I allowed myself to fall back into
the bad habit of focusing on the subject rather than shape
and values. As a result, it was way too tight, and then for
some unknown reason (laziness?) I completely gave
up when it came to her clothes. I feel like this one is much
more representative of the subject and "alive", flaws and all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Tight Fit"

6 x 6 oil on masonite SOLD

Well...another day, another painting! I hope I
in this phase for a while. I haven't felt good
for the
past few days (sinus infection) but got the
painting done anyway so
it feels like something
was accomplished.
I set up a few compositions that
are a bit unconventional.
I wish I could say they were
more deliberate but there wasn't that much thought
put into them. I just
wanted to get some references
for the next few days in
case I don't feel like painting
from life. At least I can look at the actual objects for
true color.
Now that I'm looking at the composition I'm noticing it's
not as haphazard as I thought: a round subject within a
round subject, repeat circular and crescent shapes, a
Primary palette that emphasizes the simplicity of the
Funny how the subconscious works.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Green & Blue"

6 X 6 oil on masonite SOLD

Well finally! I'm enjoying painting again. I think
problem was that I hadn't painted from life
in a long time.
I was in a Photo-rut. It was so much
fun to see the actual
object...the shadows pushing
the light, natures vibrant colors
in the sunlight, actual
ahhhhhhh. I've ordered some Radiants
and can't wait for them to get here.
I couldn't make a
color as intense as I needed for the bowl. But
that's ok.
At least I loved painting it!