Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"New Boots"

New Boots
6" x 6" (15.3cm x 15.3cm)
Oil on Panel
$50 plus $5 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Doesn't this dog's new cut look like he's wearing Ugh Boots?
He was so proud of himself. His little friend only had the
tail poof and a big attitude.


Camille LaRue Olsen said...

Gwen, I felt silly leaving FOUR comments in one day earlier, but too bad, I have to tell you I love this dog painting! Fantastic value contrasts and such a harmonious palette and beautiful color layering and a dynamic composition... mmm. I'm putting your link on my blog, too! (I just made your pears my screensaver)

Edward Burton said...

Well, just what Camille said - very nice handling of the subject, Gwen.

dominique eichi said...

I love this poodle, his face is so good.