Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Bun In A Basket"

6 x 6 oil on masonite SOLD

Fellow blogger Sally Baker graciously gave her
permission for me to paint
this reference photo of her
beautiful cat, a basket. She sent several others
that I can't wait to paint.
Thanks again Sally!


James Parker said...

Beautiful work, Gwen. Cat and dog portraits have really been popping up a lot, and yours are exquisite. Have you ever seen Akiko's ACEOs?
Anyway, your little bun in the basket looks just like the cat playing hide and seek with the basset in my Sunday Funny Photo. I invite you to drop by and visit my wildlife art and needed humor site.

Pilgrim said...

OMG he's beautiful!! It took my breath away when I saw him. You have really captured him to perfection. Thank you thank you so much!!
He is nine years old and I call him My Big Bunny (among other things).I can't wait for my husband to see this!!

Edward Burton said...

An absolutely beautiful painting, Gwen. Great job!

Teresa said...

This is lovely Gwen! Great work!

gianlucio said...

Hello Gwen, painted this beautiful cat.

Sheila said...

I love this. I stopped by to tell you how impressed I was with your DSFDF challenge entry but I really love tuxedo cats and the detail on the basket is amazing.

James Parker said...

DSFDF....Maaaaaarvelous, Gwen. You're in my top 5

r garriott said...

Isn't he sweet! A great little painting.

Dean Grey said...

Nice composition of the cat!

Another great job for such a small painting!


Sand Hill Art said...

Dear Gwen, The Big Bunster passed away earlier this year. I looked up this photo again and it brought a smile. Happy that it found a good home. PS: I'm painting cats myself now.