Tuesday, January 27, 2009


6 X 6 oil on masonite

I just read on someone else's blog how hard Koi fish
were to paint and I thought....no they aren't. Man, was
I wrong! I kept having to tell myself "paint what you see,
paint what you see!"


Motor-head Lady said...

I really love your paintings! I suppose there is room for improvement for all of us, but, honestly, I can't see how you could improve on these...they are lovely! Do you paint poppies? I have a wall that wants a big poppy painting :-)
Keep up the wonderful work!
I paint watercolors, well let me rephrase that, I have painted watercolors, but haven't painted for 10 years...4 kids take priority at the moment. I will pick up a brush again one day.

LindaHunt said...

What a beautiful painting of Koi. I really enjoy all of your paintings!